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here there be monsters

we're off the edge of the map, mate

fly to a dream far across the sea

about me fandoms ships
fandom obsessed college thing with a love for language, Norway, and the sea

studies German + international (peace) studies, literature, myth, and language

writes slowly, bitches loudly, writes more (and repeats)

oddball, occasional genius but more likely blonde, bad humor, typos, books, music, love, family and friends
percy jackson & the olympians
heroes of olympus
kane chronicles

greek mythology
egyptian mythology
norse mythology

young justice
avatar + korra

marvel ( avengers )
a song of ice and fire
the hunger games
downton abbey
jason/reyna ∙ hades/maria
sadie/anubis ∙ julius/ruby

zeus/hera ∙ demeter/poseidon
isis/osiris ∙ set/nephthys

loki/sif ∙ dany/drogo
rhaegar/lyanna ∙ finnick/annie

percy + nico ∙ percy + jason
percy + thalia ∙ hades + hestia
annabeth + thalia + luke
anubis + thoth ∙ thor + loki